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August 2022 (PDF)

  • Boardlines: News and views from your Central Lincoln Board Members

July 2022 (PDF)

  • Central Lincoln’s Take on the Lower Snake River Dams
  • Central Lincoln Welcomes New Board Member Alma Baxter
  • What It Costs to Power a…?

June 2022 (PDF)

  • The Story Behind That New Barcode on Our Bills
  • Should You ‘Nest’ Your Home?
  • Rates Increasing Effective July 1

May 2022 (PDF)

  • Stay Cool This Summer — with a Heat Pump
  • Time is Running Out to Sign Up for Budget Billing
  • Parades are Back!

April 2022 (PDF)

  • ‘Tis the Season for Budget Billing
  • Curious About Electric Vehicles? Want to Take a Test Drive?

March 2022 (PDF)

  • The New Hydropower?
  • Oregon Increases New or Used “Charge Ahead” EV Rebate to $5,000 for Qualifying Oregonians
  • Free rEV Up! EV Education Class Wins National Award

February 2022 (PDF)

  • What a Way to Start 2022!
  • Fall in Love With Prepaid

January 2022 (PDF)

  • How We Restore Power
  • My Prepaid Story: Jim, Florence
  • Protect Yourself from Scam Calls: Hang Up

December 2021 (PDF)

  • 7 Million Kilowatt Hours Saved — And Counting!
  • Electric Vehicle Count Soars 25% in Central Lincoln’s District
  • How to Give a Gift of Heat and Light

November 2021 (PDF)

  • Ready? Set? Go Bag?
  • What is Toledo High School’s ‘Secret GM Sauce?’

October 2021 (PDF)

  • A General Manager Comes Home
  • Our Trucks Need Their Space

September 2021 (PDF)

  • Randy Grove: A 36 Year Legacy
  • What is a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS)?

August 2021 (PDF)

  • Boardlines: News and views from your Central Lincoln Board Members

July 2021 (PDF)

  • Ready to Fight
  • Please Give Utility Boxes Their Space
  • No Rate Increase in 2021

June 2021 (PDF)

  • Going With the Flow
  • Power to the Pedal

May 2021 (PDF)

  • Welcome, Juno!
  • Curious About Electric Vehicles? rEV Up is Free and Online
  • My Prepaid Story: Lacy in Florence

April 2021 (PDF)

  • Breaker, Breaker, Line or Pole Down?
  • Easier to Budget, Easier to Plan
  • If Your Current Billing Cycle Doesn’t Work for You Financially, Call Us—We May Be Able to Change It

March 2021 (PDF)

  • New! A Heat Pump Water Heater Deal
  • Anytime You Need to Dig, Please call 811 First — It’s Free
  • Do We Have Your Latest Phone Numbers? Your Numbers Help Us Find You Quickly During an Outage

February 2021 (PDF)

  • Even a Little Power Comes With Great Responsibility
  • Tree Concern? Streetlight Out?
  • Times are Tough. We Have Options We Hope Can Help Lower Financial Stress.

January 2021 (PDF)

  • Powered by the Sea?
  • Drive Your Electric Bill at Your Speed With Prepaid