Expect Delays for New Service Connections

Like many companies nationwide, Central Lincoln is experiencing impacts due to supply chain issues. A shortage of raw materials is reducing the availability of common construction materials and specialized electrical equipment. These factors, along with increased construction activity, are impacting our lead times and service connection timelines. Currently, we are experiencing significant delays and long lead times in receiving the following materials:

  • Transformers
  • Meters
  • Underground Conductors
  • Boxes/Vaults

At this time, we do not have reliable estimates from suppliers on lead times for these materials. We also do not know how long delays and shortages might last, or if additional supplies might be impacted at some point. Because of these uncertainties regarding delivery timeframes, we will retain some materials to be used for emergency repairs. Please note we are actively pursuing several alternative options to work around these limitations and we appreciate your patience as we continue to find better solutions.

What Does This Mean for You?

Central Lincoln will be halting some work immediately as a result of these shortages. We will focus only on emergency work and community critical work that rely on these materials, decided on a case-by-case basis.

New Services or Existing Service Upgrades

If there is an existing transformer with available capacity that is within range of a proposed new service installation, you may not be affected by these shortages.

If a new transformer is required for your new service installation or upgrade, extended delays should be anticipated for connection. In addition, we will not be setting up new transformers for temporary services. Permanent, green-tagged meter bases will be required and you must pass the Rough Electrical Inspection or Service Entrance Electrical Inspection before a new transformer installation will be scheduled and the service energized.

Materials Will Be Issued on a “First Come, First Ready” Basis

Central Lincoln will install and energize new services for customers who are ready to receive power when materials become available. This means we will prioritize the installation of facilities for a completed and inspected structure that is ready to receive permanent electric service. “Ready” is defined as having received an electrical building permit, and green tag for permanent service, having passed the Rough Electrical Inspection or Service Entrance Electrical Inspection, and satisfied Central Lincoln’s installation requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I pay my TMS (Transformer, Meter, Service) fees for a new residential service?
You can pay your TMS fees once you’ve presented an approved building permit for a residential dwelling.

Can I use my own transformer or meter for my project?

How do you estimate costs for new service installations?
Residential services will pay a flat rate (TMS Fee) plus the full cost for any additional materials needed to complete the line extension installation. This may include escalation costs and updated shipping costs from the manufacturers.

Commercial and/or Ancillary services will pay the full cost, including all labor and materials needed to complete the installation. This may include escalation costs and updated shipping costs from the manufacturers.

Why can’t I use the material Central Lincoln has in their yard?
Central Lincoln needs to retain some stock of materials for emergency repairs, storm restoration, and general maintenance of existing facilities.