Mission, Values & Business Strategies

Our Mission

To ensure our communities have access to reliable and affordable energy products and services.

Our Vision

Connecting our communities to their energy future.

We Value

  • Customer & Community Connections
    • We strive to be approachable, respectful, and responsive to our customers.
    • We take our responsibilities to our communities and environment seriously and are committed to being involved and visible in them.
  • Ethical & Honest Behavior: We value transparency and fairness; our actions come from a place of integrity.
  • Financial & System Stability: Everything we do is based on a strong financial foundation and solid, reliable infrastructure.
  • Innovation & Technology: We use technology to increase the value we deliver to our customers.
  • Reliability, Dependability & Consistency: We provide critical products and services; our customers depend on us.
  • Safe & Committed Employees: We value safety, teamwork, respect, and personal accountability.

Business Strategies

The Future Is Now

We can’t control the pace of change, but we can prepare for it and decide who we want to be. Creating and pricing new products and services in response to technological change and customer preference is critical. Preparing our workforce and ensuring key positions are filled with creative and highly-capable employees is equally important.

Keep the Lights On

Even as we look to the future, we must continue to provide the reliable and affordable products and services our customers have come to depend upon. Some of us work directly with customers to ensure the lights come on when they flip the switch. Others of us support those who do. We all have a crucial role to play in meeting our customers’ current needs.

Keep Our Customers Close

Success starts with understanding what our customers want and need; after all, connecting our customers to their energy future is about bringing their preferences to light! Education, outreach, and dialogue are all necessary as we look to a future in which customers have considerably more choices. Flexible and multi-faceted communication strategies are essential to serving the changing demographic of Central Lincoln’s customer population.

All Systems Go!

Delivering quality products and services requires policies, procedures, and work practices that are efficient in design, consistently applied, and customer-focused. Learning how to get the most from our NISC investment will position us to tackle industry changes successfully. Our internal support groups are focused on this important work.

Know Our Numbers

Success requires measuring our performance relative to past results and industry standards. Benchmarking is an important tool for celebrating excellence and understanding areas of opportunity. Our challenge is to create a culture that is curious, accountable, and aspirational.

Be a Fast Follower

As a public utility, we don’t aspire to be an early adopter, but we don’t want to be late to the game. Fast followers allocate the necessary resources to track and implement appropriate technology for the benefit of our customer-owners. We are known as a progressive utility and we will maintain that reputation.