Wildfire Mitigation

As our climate changes, we are experiencing warmer and drier summers, leaving parched vegetation, which increases the risk of a wildfire occurring—even in coastal areas.

Although most fires in Oregon originate from backyard burning and lightning strikes, Central Lincoln is aware of the public’s concern that electric utility equipment could be a source of ignition.

Because of this, and climate change, we have developed a wildfire mitigation plan that includes significantly increasing the number of in-house and contracted tree-trimming crews to clear vegetation from our wires, poles, and equipment. We’ve also installed technology that gives operators more system control during high fire-risk days.

Central Lincoln’s wildfire mitigation plan also includes steps to proactively shut power off to specific sections of its service area in extreme weather conditions. This is called a Public Safety Power Shutoff or PSPS. In a PSPS event, customers will receive as much advance notice as possible through a combination of automated phone calls, emails, posts on our website and social media, and local news outlets. It is essential that we have your current phone number and email address.

We have more than 1,500 miles of energized wire throughout our service territory, most of which is in areas of heavy vegetation and not easily accessible. See a video of our tree-trimming crews at work.

Protect Your Home From Wildfire

Home Ignition Zones: To increase your home’s chance of surviving a wildfire, choose fire-resistant building materials and limit the amount
of flammable vegetation within the three home ignition zones.

  • Immediate Zone: 0 to 5 feet around the house
  • Intermediate Zone: 5 to 30 feet
  • Extended Zone: 30 to 100 feet.

Landscaping and Maintenance:
To reduce ember ignition and fire spread, trim branches that overhang your home, porch, and deck, as well as prune branches of large trees near structures. Remove plants containing resins, oils, and waxes. Use crushed stone or gravel instead of flammable mulches. In general, keep your landscape in good condition.

For more information on protecting your home from a wildfire, visit the National Fire Protection Association’s Public Education section.

Emergency Management by County

Central Lincoln serves customers in four counties. Each county has an emergency management web page with tips and resources to help residents prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters.

Coos County

Douglas County

Lane County

Lincoln County