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February 2018 Coastlines Cover

February 2018

  • Time to Drive Electric?
  • Last Chance! “Credit for Clunker” Ends, Other Rebates Reduced March 30
  • Former Toledo City Councilor Jill Lyon Appointed to Central Lincoln Board of Directors

January 2018

  • Here’s to 75 More Years Serving You!
  • ‘Tis the Season: Please Stay Away from Fallen Lines

December 2017

  • ‘Tis the Season to Be $aving
  • Winter Is Here: What to Do During and After a Power Outage
  • Electric Car Charging Station Tax Credit Sunsets December 31

November 2017

  • How We Get Power Back On
  • Winter’s Almost Here: How to Prepare for Outages
  • If Your Power Goes Out, Please DO Call Us!

October 2017

  • Why “Community-Owned” Is So Important
  • We’re Collecting Food Donations During the Month of October

September 2017

  • Support a Bipartisan Solution to Salmon Plan Court Challenges
  • Oregon Consumer-Owned Utilities Win ESA Court Challenge
  • Getting Ready

August 2017

  • ODOE, the ESA, and Looking Forward
  • What Are Our Line Crews Up To?
  • Change is Inevitable, But It Isn’t Always Easy

July 2017

  • It Isn’t Pretty – But It Could Save You Money
  • Total Eclipse 2017 – We’ve Got It Covered
  • Rates to Increase July 1

June 2017

  • Community Service in Our DNA
  • Want a Bill You Can Plan for Each Month?
  • Call 8-1-1 Before You Dig Six Inches Deep Or More

May 2017

  • It’s A Wrap!
  • SmartHub’s Here!

April 2017

  • Your Guide to our New SmartHub Site!
  • Create Your SmartHub Account
  • A Guide to Your New Bill

March 2017

  • SmartHub Begins April 10!
  • Record Cold Winter, Long Cycle Result in High Winter Bills
  • Someone Calls Demanding Payment? Hang Up!

February 2017

  • Our SmartHub Countdown Begins!
  • Our GPS Mapping Project is Wrapping Up

January 2017

  • Our Resolutions for 2017










December 2016

  • Home for the Holidays
  • Coming Soon to a Mailbox Near You: A Heat Pump Water Heater Deal
  • ‘Tis the Season to Give, and We Have Easy Ways to Help You Do It

November 2016

  • Ready…Set…Storm?
  • Are Parts of Your Bill Mysterious?
  • Transformers Should Never Be Allowed to Wear Camo

October 2016

  • Celebrating Public Power Month

September 2016

  • Better Service, Better Preparation
  • The Ongoing ESA Saga
  • Sometimes, Change is Good!

August 2016

  • We Seriously Want to Help You Save
  • Want to Protect Your Account with a Password?
  • Bond. James Bond: Congratulations, Journeyman!

July 2016

  • The Best-Laid Plans of People for Fish
  • Rate Increase Effective This Month
  • What Does It Cost to Run a…?

June 2016

  • Blowing Away the Competition
  • Groundbreaking Held for New Operations Center!
  • The Rest of the Story: The scoop on Angell Job Corps’ wind turbines

May 2016

  • The Little City Upon a Hill
  • Florence’s Newest Substation is Up!
  • Your Power Sources

April 2016

  • Building for the Future
  • Central Lincoln Bonds Sell Out in One Day
  • Do We Have Your Correct Phone Numbers?

March 2016

  • The Biggest Dam You May Not Have Heard Of
  • Planning to Plant Rose Bushes or Trees?
  • Did You Get a New Card With a Chip?

February 2016

  • Choose Your Date With “MyBillDate”
  • My Electric Story
  • Ready for the Unpredictable?

January 2016

  • Simple Ways to Save
  • How We Get Power Back On
  • My Electric Story



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