Renewable Energy Rebate Programs

Central Lincoln offers incentives to customers installing qualified solar, wind, and hydro energy systems. All projects must be submitted to Central Lincoln for technical review and approval before installing the system. Incentives are payable to customers upon submission of a completed incentive application package.

Program Requirements

  • Contractors must submit an Interconnection and Incentive Application, and other required documents listed on the application, before starting construction or installation of the generation system with or without storage.
  • The contractor is responsible for ensuring that the system remains in the off position (testing is ok) until:
    • the installation passes Central Lincoln inspection
    • Central Lincoln has installed a net meter
  • Only one incentive per system will be issued. Additions or expansions of an existing system do not qualify for additional incentives.
  • The customer must agree to the Application of Rate Schedules: Net Metered Customers terms and sign a Net Metering Agreement.

Storage System Requirements

  • Must be purchased from and installed by the same contractor or subcontractor
  • Must have one kilowatt DC of nameplate capacity for every five kilowatt hours of battery storage

Incentive Rates

  • Addition of Battery Storage (to any qualifying generation system): $2,000
  • Hydro Electric: $0.05/kWh/Yr (Maximum $2,000)
  • Solar Electric: $500/kWDC (Maximum $2,000)
  • Solar Water Heater: $800/system (Maximum $800)
  • Wind Electric: $500/kWDC (Maximum $2,000)

Program Forms

For more information, please call our Energy Experts at 855–273–0007.

This rebate program is based on the availability of funds and is subject to change at any time without notice.