Central Lincoln Community Solar Project

How It Works

While we have sold out Central Lincoln Solar panels and no longer have any available for purchase, we invite you to learn about this program. 

Central Lincoln Solar is a community-shared solar program that allows customers the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of solar power without the need for expensive installations or the requirement that they own property. Through Central Lincoln Solar, our customers come together to support a common interest and receive the direct benefit of clean, renewable energy.

With Central Lincoln Solar, customers purchase panels that generate clean, renewable electricity through our community solar installation at a fraction of the cost of traditional rooftop solar panels. Each month, they receive bill credits for the electricity generated by their portion of the system’s monthly output, lowering their monthly energy bill.

See what the Central Lincoln Solar system has generated so far!

Central Lincoln Solar VS Home Installation

  • Significant cost savings – Traditional rooftop solar installations can cost thousands of dollars in upfront costs. Thanks to the generous grants provided by the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) and Oregon Department of Energy (ODOE), Central Lincoln Solar can provide panels at a fraction of the price of individually owned rooftop systems.
  • No rooftop installations or equipment – Subscribe and enjoy the benefits of solar without the costly installation and home modifications.
  • Property ownership not required – Energy is generated at a shared community solar installation rather than on your home, meaning there is no need to own your property, making it an affordable option for renters, business owners, and homeowners alike.
  • No maintenance! Panel maintenance is handled directly through the program, so you never have to worry about the costly repairs or replacements that come with rooftop solar panels.

We no longer have Central Lincoln Solar panels left for purchase, but if you have any questions, please contact us.

The following is an outline of the Central Lincoln Solar Loan Repayment Terms. This page is for information only and not the actual loan application.