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Maria and Klaus Witte’s Tesla 3 was delivered to them in Florence in March 2018

By 2025, one in every six cars sold in the world will be electric, reports Bloomberg Technology. Electric cars can be found in Central Lincoln’s service area from North Bend to Lincoln Beach—ranging from Nissan Leafs, Kia Souls, Chevy Bolts (named MotorTrends’ 2017 Car of the Year), and Teslas. Waldport Mayor Dann Cutter, who leases a Bolt, thinks he knows why:

“No more gas stations for me! After the state rebate, my lease payments over three years will be about $250/month. Subtract the six tanks of gas I was averaging a month, and I figure I am ‘making’ $18 a month to drive a new car.”

Central Lincoln sponsors popular electric car entries in eight parades up and down the Central Coast, and electric car drive-or-rides. We hope you’ll consider coming along for the electric ride!

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