Ductless Heat Pump Program

When you upgrade to a ductless heating and cooling system, you’ll enjoy more than year-round comfort in your home. You’ll enjoy significant savings (25–50% on your electric heating bill), and the installation is quick and simple—minimizing disruption to your home.

A ductless heat pump is a highly efficient system that is easily installed as a new primary heat source for electrically heated homes. Ductless systems have three major parts; an indoor unit mounted on a wall, an outdoor unit that sits on the ground, and a remote control that controls the unit. The indoor and outdoor units are connected by a small bundle of cables, including a refrigerant line. These cables require a 3-inch hole in the wall for installation. Ductless systems have an ultra-quiet fan that circulates air evenly throughout living areas, eliminating hot and cold spots.

To qualify for a Central Lincoln rebate of $750 your home must have electric heat, and the ductless heat pump must be installed by an authorized ductless heat pump dealer. For more information and to ensure your project qualifies, prior to beginning your project, please call our Energy Experts at 888-883-9879.

Homes That Qualify for a Rebate

  • Site-Built Homes & Manufactured Homes with Forced Air Electric or Zonal Electric Heat (baseboard, wall, ceiling cable).
  • Site Built & Manufactured homes with existing heat pumps do not qualify for the rebate. *The rebate is for one DHP per existing site address with electric resistance heating as the primary heating system.

Rebate Amount

  • The DHP rebate is $750 for Site Built & Manufactured home with existing forced air electric or zonal (baseboard, wall, ceiling cable) heat installing a single-head DHP.
  • The DHP rebate is $750 for Site Built homes (ONLY) with existing forced air electric or zonal (baseboard, wall, ceiling cable) heat installing a multi-head DHP.

Installer Requirements

  • Your installation contractor must be listed on GoingDuctless.com for your project to qualify for our rebate. Self-installations do not qualify for the CLPUD DHP rebate.

Before Installation: Pre-Approval

  • An on-site visit is not required prior to installation to qualify for the rebate.
  • Your contractor must submit the Residential Ductless Heat Pump Rebate Application to Central Lincoln PUD before installation to verify that the model qualifies for the rebate.
  • Pre-installation approval is required to qualify for the rebate.
  • The approval process takes approximately one business day.

After Installation: Final Documentation

  • Your contractor must submit a complete Residential Ductless Heat Pump Rebate Application and final invoice to Central Lincoln PUD.

Quality Assurance Inspection

  • Central Lincoln PUD may do a follow-up inspection of your new Ductless Heat Pump.
  • If you are chosen for an inspection, you will be contacted beforehand to schedule a day/time with a Central Lincoln PUD field representative

Customer Rebate Checks

  • After Central Lincoln PUD receives your completed application and final invoice, it will take approximately 8 to 10 weeks for rebate checks to be issued and mailed.

This rebate program is a limited time offer, based on the availability of funds, and is subject to change at any time without notice.