Payment Programs & Services

Automatic Payment

While you’re relaxing in some sunny tropical paradise, do you want to spend time thinking about paying your electricity bill at home? Probably not. That’s why Central Lincoln offers AutoPay – our automatic bill payment system. It’s the ideal way to take care of paying your electricity bill when you’re away from home, and even when you’re not.

Under AutoPay, you authorize us to charge your monthly bill to a credit card, debit a debit card, or deduct the funds from a bank account. We’ll mail or email you your bill (as you choose) each month, and then 20 days later we will charge or debit your card or bank account.

You can sign up for AutoPay using our SmartHub account management system, or by calling our Pay by Phone service at 844-239-0076.

Budget Billing

Electricity usage is seldom uniform throughout the year. On the Oregon Coast, it’s not unusual to use two or three times as much electricity in a cold winter month as one would in the middle of summer. That means the amount of your electric bill can vary greatly during the year. Budget Billing can minimize large electric bills during the winter heating season by building up a credit balance during the warmer months to offset higher bills in winter.

Budget Billing is great for customers who want to know how much their monthly electric bill will be by averaging the previous year’s consumption, and establishing a regular monthly payment amount. It’s especially helpful for customers who are on a fixed income or like to budget for their monthly bill payments.

For added convenience, customers can sign up for automatic payments (see AutoPay above). Paperless billing is also available – we can email you a copy of your bill instead of putting it in the mail each month.

If you’ve been in your home for twelve months or more, you may qualify for Budget Billing. To see if you qualify, or to sign up, please call us at 877-265-3211.

New sign-ups for Budget Billing may only be done between April 1 and June 30.

Automatic Hook Up Service (AHUS) for Landlords

Are you a landlord whose tenants are responsible for their own electric accounts? If so, you know that having to open accounts in your own name between tenants can be a pain. Central Lincoln offers an arrangement that makes the account transition from tenant to landlord painless.

Under our Automatic Hook-Up Service (AHUS) Agreement, landlords will be automatically billed when a rental unit is vacant. Billing includes all kilowatt hours at the current rate, plus prorated basic charge. No processing fee is charged to the landlord for this account. New tenants opening accounts in their own names will be billed our standard processing fee.

To set up an AHUS Agreement fill out the Automatic Hook-Up Service Agreement Form. Please mail completed form to:

Central Lincoln
PO Box 1126
Newport, OR 97365