Public Records Request Form

Central Lincoln People’s Utility District complies with Oregon Public Records Law, ORS Chapter 192, regarding requests for public records. Central Lincoln will act in the public’s interest of disclosure, and respond to public record requests in a timely and reasonable manner.

  1. All requests for public records must be submitted in writing via the Central Lincoln Public Records Request Form.
  2. Submit the request to Micah Brownlee:
    • Online: Via internet form submission
    • Email:
    • Mail: PO Box 1126, Newport, OR 97365
    • Deliver: 2129 N Coast Hwy, Newport, OR 97365
  3. Central Lincoln will acknowledge the request within 5 business days. If you have not received an acknowledgment by then, please contact Micah Brownlee at
  4. Requests that take a total of 30 minutes or less of staff time for readily available documents, and can be fulfilled by email, will be processed at no charge.
  5. Central Lincoln may charge fees to reimburse the actual cost of making public records available, pursuant to ORS 192.324. If the cost to produce the records exceeds $25, Central Lincoln will provide the Requester with a written estimate. Costs may include labor charges for staff’s time locating and reviewing records, attorney fees for reviewing, redacting or segregating exempt material, and other costs such as postage. For a complete list of charges, please see the Fee Schedule below.
  6. Upon receipt of a written cost estimate, the Requester must agree to pay all charges associated with producing the requested records, and direct Central Lincoln to proceed with the request. If substantial time or cost is involved in completing the request, Central Lincoln may require a minimum deposit of one-half be paid before processing the request. If the actual cost to produce the records will exceed the estimate given, Central Lincoln will contact the Requester with a revised estimate before proceeding.
  7. All record requests will be completed no later than 10 business days after acknowledging the receipt of the request, or direction to proceed after acceptance of a written cost estimate. If Central Lincoln is unable to fulfill the request within 10 business days, a written statement with a reasonable estimated date of completion will be provided.
  8. Central Lincoln will consider requests for waivers or a reduction of charges in instances where Central Lincoln deems the release of the records primarily benefits the general public.
  9. Central Lincoln will provide copies of records in the format requested, if available. If the format requested is not available, the records will be provided in the form they are maintained.
  10. Payment of fees to reimburse the actual cost of making public records available is required prior to the release of records.

Request Form

To submit a public records request, please complete the form below:

To request a fillable pdf, or paper copy of Central Lincoln PUD’s Record Request Form, please contact:

Micah Brownlee
Accounting Analyst
PO Box 1126
Newport, OR 97365

Fee Schedule

Central Lincoln PUD calculates fees for responding to public records requests in the following manner:

Paper Copies

$0.25 per page

Certification of Copies

$1.00 for each true copy certification


$1.00 per disc

Copies of public records may be provided on CD or DVD if the records are stored in an electronic format. Discs will be provided at the cost of $1.00 per disc and may contain as much information as the disc will hold. Due to the threat of computer viruses, Central Lincoln will not permit requesters to provide discs for electronic reproduction of computer records.

USB Drive

Actual Cost

Copies of public records may be provided on a USB drive if the records are stored in an electronic format. Due to the threat of computer viruses, Central Lincoln will not permit requesters to provide USB drives for the electronic reproduction of computer records. The required drive(s) will be provided at cost to fulfill the record request.


Flat $2.00 fee, plus $0.25 per page

Limit 10 pages including cover sheet.


Actual Cost


There is no charge for the first 30 minutes of staff time. Additional time will be calculated in quarter-hour increments based on the level of skill or expertise required to complete the work performed.

  • $25 per hour for Clerical
  • $40 per hour for Professional
  • $75 per hour for Administrative

Labor may be charged for search time even if staff fails to locate any records responsive to the request, or even if the records are subsequently determined to be exempt from disclosure.

Attorney Fees

Actual cost

Fees charged to Central Lincoln by an attorney for time spent reviewing records, or redacting or segregating exempt material will be charged at actual cost.

Misc. Materials

Actual cost