Do You Know How to Reset Your Breakers?

Sometimes, restoring power to your home can be as simple as resetting your breakers.

If your power goes out, first check to see if it’s on in other parts of your home. If every other room has power, your outage is most likely due to a “tripped” breaker—which means the circuit has detected an issue (fault) and shut itself off to prevent the wiring from overheating.

Here’s an easy step-by-step process to restore power:

  1. Turn off all devices on the electrical circuit, including the device that may have caused the breaker to trip.
  2. Locate the electric breaker panel, or breaker box, in your home. They are often located in a utility room, garage, or near the meter base.
  3. Open the panel door to locate the tripped breaker. The handle of a tripped breaker will be in the middle position, not hard left or hard right. (Note: some breakers may trip to the off position, not the middle position.)
  4.  Flip the breaker handle to its OFF position toward the outer edge of the service panel.
  5. Flip the breaker handle to its ON position towards the center of the service panel. The handle should make an audible click.
  6. Turn on a device with a lower power draw in a room that lost power, such as a light.

Keep the following safety tips in mind when resetting your breakers:

  • Don’t stand in water or have wet hands when turning breakers on and off.
  • Don’t use any tools. Your breakers are easily accessible by hand.
  • Don’t touch the electric meter.

If your power still doesn’t come on after resetting your breakers, call us at (877) 265-3211 to report your outage.