No Deposits, Late Fees, or Due Dates…What’s Not to Love About That?

Prepaid is a program that lets you buy electricity like you buy gas for a car. Put money in your account, keep an eye on the balance and make a payment when you’re getting low.

Designed to make your life a little easier, some benefits of Prepaid include:

  • No Deposits: Prepaid accounts do not require a security deposit. If you currently have a deposit on your account, it will be applied to your Prepaid account as a credit.
  • Saving Money: Prepaid accounts are not subject to late or reconnect fees. Timely notifications about usage can also help you be more energy conscious, leading to lower bills.
  • No Due Dates: Prepaid is budget friendly. As long as you maintain a credit balance, you can make a payment whenever you want—any time, any day.
  • No Paper Clutter: Once your Prepaid account is set up, you’ll no longer receive a monthly paper bill. All usage and account balance information can be handled through SmartHub, our online account management system (required when signing up for Prepaid).

It’s February and a perfect time to fall in love with Prepaid!

Learn more about Prepaid to see if it’s right for you. To sign up, call (877) 265-3211.