Constraints and Patience

Five months ago, I requested a bid from two electricians to perform a small electrical improvement at my residence. I am still awaiting a visit from either electrician. I understand that all businesses are searching for employees: skilled and unskilled. It is a tough situation that businesses, small and large, find themselves in today. Rural and urban area businesses find themselves in a similar situation: help wanted signs go unanswered.

My particular situation is not critical; I am looking for an improvement that is a convenience, not a necessity. However, when I put on my board member hat and listen to the concerns of management here at Central Lincoln, I am more concerned. We provide critical infrastructure service where our requirement is to keep the lights on. That of course requires knowledgeable and skilled employees in a variety of disciplines.

The marketplace for those talents is constrained for a variety of reasons. Retirements, transfers for family reasons, inability to secure housing, more lucrative offers and lack of training opportunities. Management recognizes these constraints and is exploring numerous options to remedy the situation. We understand that customers expect and have come to rely on our excellent record of keeping the lights on. I have been a customer of Central Lincoln for 40 years and have the same expectation.

As I approach the age of 70, I struggle with the fact that I am not the most patient man. But given my most recent experience trying to get work done in my home and the struggles of local businesses, I realize patience must be practiced. While we can do more tasks ourselves there is only so much a do it yourself person can accomplish. So, as you interface with local merchants or your power company realize that all are trying to satisfy customer needs and patience will be required. I will try!

-Paul Davies
Subdivision 1: Newport