Cold Temperatures Result in Higher Electric Bills

The bills received in February are for electric usage from mid-December to mid-January.

Newport area weather station data ranks December 2021 as the third coldest December in the last ten years and the sixth coldest in the last twenty. December 2021 was 16% colder than December 2020 and when compared to November 2021, it was 50% colder.

Coos Bay and North Bend area weather station data place this past December as the fifth coldest in the last ten years. December 2021 was 11% colder than December 2020 and 55% colder than it was in November 2021.

Weatherizing your home, utilizing smart thermostats, and upgrading to more efficient heating systems and appliances will help lower your overall use and therefore, your electric bill. But even if you follow all the advice about being more efficient and managing electric use, your bill will still be higher when temperatures are extreme. Your heating system is the biggest user of energy in your home, so when it works overtime, your energy use goes up and so does your bill.