Easier to Budget. Easier to Plan.

The Budget Billing sign-up period has begun, but ends June 30.

Budget Billing offers customers a budget-friendly way to pay for power: the same amount each month. How does Budget Billing work? At the time of sign up, customers receive an averaged monthly amount they will be billed each month until the spring of the following year. Customers’ bills tend to be lower in the spring and summer, higher in the winter. Under Budget Billing, customers pay a bit more than the cost of the power they’re using in those warmer months, and less in the fall and winter.

Signing up for Budget Billing takes place over the phone with a customer service representative, by calling 877-265-3211, and pressing 3 during our business hours, Mondays through Thursdays, 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Some Fine Print

Budget Billing is available to residential customers only, and they must have lived at the same address for a year or more, and have a good payment history in order to sign up for Budget Billing.

Budget Billing customers must start with a $0 balance when signing up. Accounts using Budget Billing are reviewed every April, and if a customer has a credit balance, it will be deducted from their new monthly payment amount. If a customer has a balance owing, that amount is spread out over the following year with a small increase to the monthly payment amount.

Budget Billing accounts are reviewed occasionally throughout the year, and if a balance owing is high, that customer’s monthly payment amount may be adjusted.