Times are Tough. We Have Options We Hope Can Help Lower Financial Stress.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, unemployment on the Central Coast is high. To take the worry out of electricity bills, we offer Prepaid, giving customers a way to monitor their electricity costs daily, and to pay for electricity like they buy gasoline—in advance—a few kilowatt hours or more at a time as needed. Prepaid customers purchase electricity in small or large amounts. They choose when and how much, as long as they keep a positive balance. Prepaid customers don’t receive paper bills, and don’t pay late fees or reconnection fees.

For those unemployed due to COVID-19, we offer Job Loss Assistance, which helps unemployed residential customers with their bills. Job Loss Assistance can provide customers with a credit equal to an overdue bill. If you qualify, we will apply a one-time credit equal to your current bill up to $200.

If you know of someone who is struggling, and you’d like to help them anonymously, write a check to Central Lincoln, and enclose a note letting us know who you are trying to help, and their service address. Please include your phone number, so we can call you if we have questions. Drop the check off at our Florence, Newport, or Reedsport offices, or mail it to us – Central Lincoln, Attn: Secret Helpers, PO Box 1126, Newport, 97365.

If you want to help people in need pay for heat or light, make a donation by writing a check to Project Care and mail it to us – Central Lincoln, Attn: Project Care, PO Box 1126, Newport, OR 97365. Or drop the check off at one of our offices in Florence, Newport, or Reedsport.

Questions? Call us at 877-265-3211 or email info@clpud.org.