How We Get Power Back On

When an outage happens, we prioritize repairs in order to safely restore power to you as quickly as possible.

Our process:

  1. Protect Public Safety by addressing dangerous situations.
  2. Repair Transmission Lines which supply power to substations serving many thousands of customers.
  3. Repair Substations as they serve thousands of customers.
  4. Repair Distribution Lines that carry power from our substations throughout our service area. When main distribution lines are re-energized, entire neighborhoods or individual homes will have power restored.
  5. Repair Service Lines that deliver power to individual homes and businesses. In order for your home to have power, the transmission line, substation, and distribution line that serve you must all be energized.

Why don’t we provide estimates for how long an outage will last?
Every outage is unique, and it’s not always possible to estimate the extent of the damage or how long repairs will take.

Why did a Central Lincoln PUD truck drive by without stopping?
During outages our crews sometimes drive through our service area to patrol lines, assess the damage, and determine whether it is safe to restore power to customers.

We appreciate your patience while we work to get your power back on!

How We Get Power Back On (PDF)