Energy-Efficiency Programs Save Customers’ Money

Every two years, we receive funds from the Bonneville Power Administration to help customers save on their electricity bills. We just completed a two-year funding cycle.

How did we do? In all, customers using one or more of our programs saved more than 18 million kilowatt hours collectively worth $1,248,000 – just in the past two years!

Commercial and industrial customers, who use the largest amount of the electricity we provide, accounted for 50% of savings supported by our rebate programs.

The remaining 9 million kilowatt hours were saved by residential customers. Which home programs were most popular, saving the most?

Percentage of electricity saved for 2017-2019 (home programs):

  • Installation of light bulbs, showerheads, and/or power strips in customers’ homes:  23%
  • Heating/ventilation/air conditioning:  13%
  • Energy-efficient lighting:  7%
  • Energy-efficient appliances:  3%
  • Weatherization (insulation, windows, doors):  2%
  • Energy-efficient water heaters and showerheads:  1%
  • Energy Star® rated manufactured homes:  1%
  • Weatherization for low-income customers:  1%

Our energy-saving programs can change every two years. To find out which programs your home might qualify for, visit the Energy Efficiency section of our website. Because Central Lincoln is not for profit, and is owned by the customers and communities we serve, we want to help you save!

Questions? Call our energy experts at 888-883-9879, or email us at