Outages: When We REALLY Need to Call You, Will We Have the Right Number?

We needed to replace a utility pole south of Florence last month. Unfortunately, in order to do that work safely, we had to shut off power for eight hours, even though that’s very inconvenient for customers. We had a few days’ lead time to plan the work, and to have our system make automated calls to customers in that neighborhood to tell them they’d be without power during that time.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have valid phone numbers for quite a few of those customers. As you might guess, some were not pleased. When they called to let us know they were unhappy, they gave us their latest phone numbers so we could easily reach them in the future if needed.

As we enter outage season, we’d like to make absolutely certain we have your correct phone number. We do not share or sell our customers’ numbers, and we will not use them to try to sell you anything—we promise! If you’ve changed your phone numbers in the past five years, please let us know what your correct number or numbers are in SmartHub, or by emailing us your service address, including the city or community it’s in, and the correct phone number(s) to info@clpud.org or by calling us at 877-265-3211. Thank you!