New Deposit Policy Helps Customers Build Good Credit; Prepaid Offers Easy Bill Management

Central Lincoln used to require a letter of credit, or a deposit, to open new residential accounts. And that didn’t seem very customer-friendly to our Customer Services Director Mark Freeman: “I felt like we were starting new customer relationships with a lack of trust and that didn’t feel right,” he says. “I knew there was a better way.”

New residential customers are no longer being asked for a deposit when they open an account with us, and as long as they keep their accounts current, no deposit will be required. For customers who fall behind and get disconnected, a deposit will then be required, or, that customer can pay what’s due, and sign up for Prepaid, starting with a $10 payment. Prepaid customers aren’t required to pay a deposit, and are not charged if disconnected for non-payment. They pay for their electricity in advance, making payments of $5 or more whenever needed using the SmartHub app, SmartHub online, by using our Pay By Phone service, or making a payment by check or in person at one of our offices.

Prepaid customers must be signed up for SmartHub, and have email access. To sign up or for more information about Prepaid, call us at 877-265-3211.