Where BPA Revenue Goes

All of the power we provide is purchased from the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), a federal agency serving the Pacific Northwest. How are the dollars paid to BPA spent?image of a dollar bill broken up to show how it is paid to the Bonnevill Power Administration

24¢ goes to Operation & Maintenance: Costs of maintaining and operating hydro projects and the Columbia Generating Station.

24¢ goes to Debt

17¢ goes to Fish & Wildlife: BPA spends millions every year supporting salmon and other wildlife. Court-ordered spill over dams costs an additional 7¢.

9¢ goes to Residential Exchange: BPA is required to provide funds for a credit to Pacific Northwest investor-owned utility customers. For more information, please see BPA’s Residential Exchange Fact Sheet (PDF)

7¢ goes to Conservation: BPA Conservation funds help customers of BPA-powered utilities, including Central Lincoln, save money through energy-efficiency programs.

5¢ goes to Administration: Cost of personnel administering the BPA system, including accounting.

5¢ goes to Power Purchases: Sometimes BPA has to buy electricity to help meet its customers’ needs.

7¢ goes to Transmission: Costs for building, operating, and maintaining thousands of miles of high-voltage transmission lines and towers.

2¢ goes to Discounts: BPA is required to offer reduced rates to very rural utilities and eligible irrigators.