Here’s to Power for the People!

October is Public Power Month. The term “public power” described utilities owned by the people they serve.

The first public power utilities serving local communities were formed in 1890. Today, there are nearly 2,000 such utilities in the United States. Unfortunately, over the past 100 years, “public power” has become confusing. Investor-owned utilities issue publicly-traded stock, and are overseen by state public utility commissions.

Public power utilities are governed by locally-elected boards, and often use the term “community-owned” instead of “public power” to avoid confusion.

Central Lincoln exists for one reason: to serve you. We strive to be customer-friendly, and highly reliable – to provide you with excellent customer service.

Here’s a look at Central Lincoln by the numbers:

  • 40% of our customers use SmartHub, our online payment and account management service. To sign up for SmartHub, visit our Central Lincoln SmartHub Sign Up Page to register today! (You’ll need your account number and a valid email address.)
  • 17% of our customers have switched to Paperless billing. Paperless billing customers receive their bills by email each month, saving hassle and cutting down on paper waste. You can sign up for Paperless in SmartHub, or by calling us at 877-265-3211 (you must be a registered SmartHub user to go Paperless).
  • 31% of our customers use AutoPay, authorizing payment from a debit or credit card, or bank account each month. Many find this service exceptionally convenient. Sign up using SmartHub.
  • 292 customer are using Prepaid, Customers using Prepaid, our convenient pay-in-advance system, much like buying gasoline. To sign up, or for more details, call us at 877-265-3211.
  • 39,587 – number of meters served by Central Lincoln.
  • 700 – number of square miles Central Lincoln serves.
  • 97% of our power is carbon-free. It’s a mix of hydropower, wind and nuclear power.
  • 7.74¢ – our residential rate per kilowatt hour (Oregon’s average is 11.27¢ per kilowatt hour).
  • 219 – number of electric cars registered in Central Lincoln’s service territory so far.