Rates Increasing Effective July 1

After a zero rate increase for the 2018-2019 fiscal year, Central Lincoln’s Board of Directors has voted to raise residential power rates about 3% for the coming year. “The cost of materials and equipment keeps going up, and reluctantly we felt this increase was necessary,” says Board Chair Keith Tymchuk of Reedsport.

Power used from July 1 forward will cost residential customers 7.74¢ per kilowatt hour, up from 7.62¢ during the past two years. The average Central Lincoln residential customer uses 1,061 kilowatt hours a month. The new rate will result in an increase of $1.28 in monthly usage costs for an average customer.

The Service Availability Charge (known in previous years as the Basic Charge or Facilities Charge) will increase from $22 per month to $24 per month. The Service Availability Charge assists with the costs of providing infrastructure (lines, transformers, utility poles, substations, etc.) to customers’ locations. The increase in the Service Availability Charge better reflects the costs of providing that infrastructure to every home.