How Much Could You Save Driving With Electricity Over Gas?

We know the numbers might look too good to be true, but driving an electric car can save up to 80% over gasoline-powered vehicles in fuel costs. Here’s how to check – go to: Enter the number of miles you usually drive in a day, how much you currently pay for a gallon of gas, the year, make, and model of your gas-powered car, and then the year, make, and model of any plug-in electric vehicle (EV) you’re considering. The calculator uses EPA mileage data for both gas-powered and electric-powered cars, and our rate for electricity by the kilowatt hour (kWh). If the price difference catches your interest, stop by our office in Florence, Newport, or Reedsport during regular business hours for a free copy of Electric Car Insider’s EV Buyers Guide, which offers detailed information on most EVs on the market, and even info on electric motorcycles and bicycles. Or email us at and we’ll mail you a copy.

from our May 2019 issue of Coastlines