Introducing Prepaid


Prepaid. No Deposit. No Late Fees. No Due Dates.

As we close out our 75th anniversary year, and our theme of “Power. People. Progress,” we have another ‘progress’ item to introduce: Prepaid!

Imagine buying electricity like you buy gas—you fill your tank, keep an eye on how much is in it and when the tank gets low, you buy more. That’s an easy way to think of Prepaid—customers pay into their accounts before using their electricity, and when the balance on the account gets low, SmartHub emails or texts an alert, letting the customer know more funds are needed to keep the lights on. Customers can then “fill” their accounts by making a payment with a debit or credit card, or by check or cash payment at one of our offices.

Prepaid customers don’t have to put down a deposit to open an account, and they are exempt from late, disconnect or reconnect fees, and no longer receive messy paper bills. Other utilities offering Prepaid tell us Prepaid customers are more likely to conserve electricity, and to keep a closer eye on their electricity use. As a not-for-profit electric utility, we’re very supportive of customers saving money, and conserving electricity.

To qualify for Prepaid, customers must have a smart phone, an email address, and the ability to use SmartHub and/or download and use the SmartHub app. We recommend customers keep a minimum balance of $5, and the minimum payment accepted is $5. Prepaid customers can choose their alerts—texts, emails or SmartHub notifications—to let them know when their balance falls below a set amount. While the minimum payment is $5, customers can, of course, choose to prepay much larger amounts based on their budgets.

To sign up, call us at 541-265-3211 and hit “4” or stop by and talk with a CSR. (Unfortunately, Budget Billing and AutoPay customers can’t use Prepaid.)

Click here for more information and to view Prepaid FAQs…