Central Lincoln Updates Mission and Vision

Following extensive review and input from customers, employees, and our board members we have adopted updated mission and vision statements.

“Today, we provide electricity to our customer-owners,” explains General Manager Debra Smith.  “In the future, we may be helping customers meet their energy needs with a variety of approaches and technologies. Our new mission and vision statements stress choice.  We wanted to emphasize the importance of connection—both physically to the electric grid and metaphorically through people.  What hasn’t changed is the role of our mission, vision and values; describing who we are, where we’re going and what we believe.  Together, these form the basic tenets of our organizational self and set the expectation for how we will work together.”

(Editor’s note: If Coastlines had video embedded in it, we would show you how excited Debra gets about energy policy.  It’s great.)  She continues: “Most people believe our industry will change dramatically in the next ten years.  We have reached a tipping point due to successful energy efficiency programs, improved building codes and consumer awareness; we all use less electricity than in days gone by.  But there are some initiatives that will result in more electricity use.  Many countries (China, for instance) and states (Oregon and Washington for example) have established electric vehicle (EV) adoption targets which others believe to be too conservative, given plans by some large automakers to focus their efforts on EV production.  We strongly support this shift to EVs, and are ready to serve this emerging market.”

“Central Lincoln continues to be an innovative leader among medium-sized utilities, and we want to make sure we maintain that industry leadership.”