Thank You, Customers!

We surveyed customers from Lincoln Beach to North Bend, and east to Mapleton, Siletz, Swisshome, and Toledo.

Every three years, we hire a research company to check in with customers to ask how you feel about the service you’re receiving—even if those opinions aren’t flattering.

How would you rate your overall satisfaction with Central Lincoln?
75% say they are “very satisfied with our work, and 19% “somewhat satisfied” for a 94% satisfaction rate. That’s pretty terrific: We appreciate your confidence in us!

What is your overall satisfaction with the last service you received from us?
Nearly 50% of you gave us a “10” on a 1-10 scale, and another 24% rated us a 9 to a 7. It was pretty exciting to get so many 10s, but about 6% shared they felt we can improve. That’s important for us to know, and to act upon.

What is your satisfaction level with our reliability?
The average was a 9.17 out of 10! Also exciting, and we think this reflects our engineers’ and crews’ work in identifying and tackling trouble spots, and our year-round work in clearing trees and branches (the largest causes of outages) away from lines.

You made it clear communication is very important to you, and we will continue to work on getting you the information you need in the ways you’d like to receive it. As an example, we are looking to implement an automated system to call you if there’s an outage affecting you, and when we hope to have power restored, as well as offering maps showing outages online. We recently added Coastlines to our electronic bills, so those with paperless billing will also know what’s happening and what programs are available. Speaking of paperless billing, 23.5% of you said you’d like to receive your bills by email, yet only 13% of you are—if you’d like to receive your bill electronically, and cut down on paper waste, just log in to SmartHub (make the change under My Profile). Increased use of paperless billing is one of our “progress” goals for our 75th anniversary year’s focus on “Power. People. Progress.”

Conservation and Energy Efficiency Incentives and Rebates
37% of you say you’ve used one of our programs, and 43% say you hope to use one or more in the future. Many indicated you’d like to know more about the rebates we offer, so you’ll be seeing more about those programs in the months ahead.

To every customer who talked to our surveyors—thank you!—your input is very valuable. We’re always looking for ways we can improve, and these survey results will help guide us. We’ll end with a few of the fun comments we received from you:

“Amazing what you do in the storms.”

“Have never had a problem. When I had one, it was taken care of quickly.”

“Overall, 38 years [with Central Lincoln] have been magnificent.”

“I would just draw a big smiley face!”