Price-Competitive Electric Vehicles Are Here on the Central Coast

Maria and Klaus Witte’s Tesla 3 was delivered to them in Florence in March 2018

According to Forbes magazine, the average price of a gas-powered car is $35,309. How do electric cars compare? Many of today’s electric vehicles (EVs) are price-competitive. Here on the Central Coast, we’re seeing more and more all-electric Chevy Bolts (Motor Trend’s Car of the Year), Nissan Leafs (the 2018 model has a range of 151 miles), electric Kia Souls, a Ford Focus, and Tesla’s new Model 3. Base models of each of these EVs are $35,000 or less—and that’s before a $7,500 federal tax credit for purchasing an EV, or an Oregon rebate of $2,500 for EV purchases or leases are applied.

Forbes also reports that compared to gas-powered vehicles, “electric vehicles cost less than half as much to operate.” Cost savings are a selling point for driving electric, say some Central Lincoln customers who are choosing electric cars over gas-powered ones.

One of those EV drivers is Florence’s Klaus Witte. His company repairs hydraulic systems on convertibles, many from luxury brands such as Mercedes, Bentley, and Lamborghini. What does Klaus drive? As of last month, a Tesla 3: “My wife and I drive electric for driving comfort, driving pleasure, and the environment,” he smiles. “My EV is ultra-quiet, the immense windshield gives one a feeling of freedom, the car accelerates and handles very well, and the “autopilot” feature takes even more stress out of the daily drive.”

Bloomberg Technology reports that in seven years, one in every six cars sold worldwide will be electric, and it appears drivers who live on the Central Coast will be part of that trend. We’ll be ready to power those cars with 95%+ carbon-free electricity.

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