High-Efficiency Homes & Weatherization

High-Efficiency Homes & Weatherization


Central Lincoln customers who heat their home with electricity (baseboard, wall heaters, electric furnace, heat pump) may qualify for rebates if they upgrade their insulation levels, windows, or exterior doors. Not all homes will qualify as certain rules and requirements do apply. For more information and to ensure your project qualifies, prior to beginning your project, please call our Energy Experts at 888-883-9879.Print

Energy Star® Replacement Windows & Doors: Rebates Available

  • Energy Star® Replacement Windows – U-Factor of .30 or lower:  $3 per sq ft of replacement windows
  • Energy Star® Exterior Doors:  $40 per door

Residential Energy Star® Replacement Windows and Doors Rebate Application

Site Built & Multi-Family Home Insulation: Rebates Available

  • Attic – Less than R-11 to a minimum of R-38:  $0.60 per sq ft
  • Attic – R-12 to R-19 to a minimum of R-38:  $0.20 per sq ft
  • Floor – Less than R-11 to a minimum of R-30 (or fill joist cavity):  $0.30 per sq ft
  • Wall – R-0 to a minimum of R-11:  $0.50 per sq ft

Site Built & Multi-Family Home Insulation Rebate Form

Manufactured Home Insulation: Rebates Available

  • Attic – Less than R-11 to a minimum of R-22:  $0.30 per sq ft
  • Floor – Less than R-11 to a minimum of R-22:  $0.30 per sq ft

Manufactured Home Insulation Form

NEEM Certified Energy Star® Manufactured Homes

NEEM (Northwest Energy Efficient Manufactured) Energy Star® certified manufactured homes are designed and built to deliver energy efficiency savings of up to 30% when compared to typical new homes. A new manufactured home that has earned the Energy Star® label has undergone a process of inspections, testing, and verification to meet strict requirements set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Rebate Available:

  • NEEM Energy Star® Manufactured Homes – 1.1 rated $1,200; 2.0 rated $1,400

*Only brand new manufactured homes with a permanently installed Forced Air Electric Furnace or Heat Pump qualify for this rebate.

Energy Star® Manufactured Home Rebate Form



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