Time to Drive Electric?

Image of Is It Time to Drive Electric story in Feb 2018 Coastlines

Time to Drive Electric?

In just seven years, one in every six cars sold in the world will be electric, reports Bloomberg Technology. Electric cars can be found in Central Lincoln’s service area from North Bend to Lincoln Beach, from elegant Teslas, to Nissan Leafs, Kia Souls, and the new Chevy Bolt, named MotorTrends’ 2017 Car of the Year. And Dann Cutter, who just leased a Bolt, thinks he knows why:

“The Bolt has the mileage of the Tesla without waiting for years (for delivery)… no more gas stations for me! After the state rebate, my lease payments over three years will be about $250/month. Subtract the six tanks of gas I was averaging a month, and I figue I am ‘making’ $18 a month to drive a new car.”

As part of our 75 anniversary celebrations, Central Lincoln is launching an electric car initiative aimed at increasing the number of electric cars in our service area: “We believe mid-priced electric cars may help our customers save money—cutting their fuel and maintenance costs by as much as 50%,” says General Manager Debra Smith. “Much of the United States’ electricity is generated here, supporting American jobs, not only in generation but at utilities such as Central Lincoln. And, since nearly all of the electricity we sell is carbon-free, driving electric helps to keep Oregon’s air clean.”

This year, not only will Central Lincoln be sponsoring our popular electric car entries in nine parades up and down the Central Coast, we’ll be sponsoring electric car drive-or-rides, adding an electric car section on our clpud.org website, and offering other chances to lean about or experience electric cars. We hope you’ll consider coming along for an electric ride.

Click here or on the image to the right to read the article featured in the February 2018 edition of Coastlines.


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