Payment Programs And Services

Payment Programs and Services

Auto Pay Plan

While you’re relaxing in some sunny tropical paradise, do you want to spend time thinking about paying your electricity bill at home? Probably not. That’s why Central Lincoln is offering our Automatic Bill Paying Program. It’s the ideal way to take care of paying your electricity bill when you’re away from home. And even when you’re not. You can sign up for AutoPay by registering your account online and follow the sidebar links to set up your payment information, or call one of our district offices and a Customer Service Representative will be happy to set up Auto Pay on your account. (Note: Level Pay customers must call a Customer Service Representative in order to sign up for Level Pay and Auto Pay.)

Level Pay Plan

Electricity usage is seldom uniform throughout the year. It’s not unusual to use two or three times as much electricity in a cold winter month as you would in the middle of summer. That means the amount of your electric bill can vary greatly during the year. Level Pay can reduce those large electric bills during the heating season by building up a credit during the warmer months.

Customer sign-up is required to be completed between April 1 and June 30 in order to build up a credit balance going into the heating months.

Automatic Hook Up Service (AHUS) for Landlords

Are you a landlord whose tenants are responsible for their own electric accounts? If so, you know that having to open accounts in your own name between tenants can be a pain. Central Lincoln offers an arrangement that makes the account transition from tenant to landlord painless. Under our Automatic Hook-Up Service (AHUS) Agreement, landlords will be automatically billed when a rental unit is vacant. Billing includes all kilowatt hours at the current rate, plus prorated basic charge. No processing fee is charged to the landlord for this account. (New tenants opening accounts in their own names will be billed our standard processing fee.) Setting up an AHUS Agreement is easy and will save you time in the future. To set up an AHUS Agreement: Print out this form. Please mail completed form to Central Lincoln • PO Box 1126 • Newport, OR 97365.

EVERYTHING we do is based on a strong financial foundation and solid, reliable infrastructure.

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