Renewable Energy Incentives

Incentive Program for Installing Solar/Wind/Hydro Renewable Energy Products

Central Lincoln People’s Utility District offers incentives to customers installing qualified solar, wind and hydro energy systems.
Qualifying solar energy systems must comply with Oregon Department of Energy Solar Energy Technical Requirements and be installed by a
licensed and bonded contractor employing or sub-contracting a Tax Credit Certified Technician on file with Oregon Department of

Hydroelectric incentives will be calculated based on the projected production of the facility in the first year (full twelve months,
regardless of date of commissioning) of operation.

Incentives are payable to customers of Central Lincoln PUD upon submittal of a completed incentive application package.

First Things First

Please read the overview of Central Lincoln’s Renewable Energy Program first to ensure your plan’s compatibility and compliance.

Next Steps

Fill out the applicable form/forms below and begin the process with Central Lincoln PUD Energy Services.

CLPUD Energy Services Department, P.O. Box 1126, Newport, Oregon 97365


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