‘Tis the Season: Please Stay Away from Fallen Lines

By Cody Christian, Central Lincoln Safety Coordinatorcartoon sketch of downed power lines

We take pride at Central Lincoln in handling outages in the quickest, most professional manner possible. Even when nature blows limbs or trees at power lines, or drops a rare snowfall on infrastructure, we are here with one purpose: to serve you.

Sometimes during spectacular storms, our infrastructure can take a hit. When that happens, our first priority is employee and customer safety because downed power lines are always a concern.

Fallen lines can be very dangerous as they may carry electric current that can instantly injure or cause death.

There is no way for you to determine whether downed power lines are energized or not because we cannot smell, see, or hear electricity. Downed power lines will not always be arcing or sparking like you see on TV. Even our well-trained employees with years of experience stay clear of fallen power lines until they know the lines’ status. Proper personal protective equipment and safety procedures must be followed to assure the line is de-energized and grounded before working on a downed line.

Always keep your distance and always assume a fallen wire is energized and dangerous.

Also, never touch anything or anyone that may be touching the line. Objects can become energized just by coming into contact with a downed power line. Telephone or cable lines, fences, even tree limbs that are in contact with lines can become energized. In addition, de-energized lines can become re-energized during power restoration efforts or by impoperly installed generators.

Do not guess. Stay away from all wires, and keep others away as well.

Call 911 and Central Lincoln (at 1-866-484-3783) as soon as it’s safe to do so, and let our professionals handle the job.

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