What Are Our Line Crews Up To?

Judy Matheny

Judy Matheny, Vice President

As the Central Lincoln board member representing the Florence area, I was really pleased when we formally reopened our revamped substation north of Florence earlier this year.  That was the last milestone in our Florence Area Reinforcement Project—which included a new substation, two upgraded substations, and new transmission lines, particularly along Highway 101 in Florence.  This project was really important—during some severely cold winters, we were operating uncomfortably close to 100% capacity in the Florence area.  We are committed to providing reliable service, and I am relieved the Reinforcement Project is finished.  Now we’ll easily be able to handle increased electricity needs in the Florence area for at least the next 20 years.

But there’s plenty more improvement work ahead.  You’re very likely to see some of our crews out and about somewhere near you this summer or fall.  They are working ten hours shifts four days a week to take advantage of longer daylight hours this time of year.  What projects will be they be working on?  Glad you asked!  Here’s some highlights:

  • Little Whale Cove, Depoe Bay: final phase of line replacement.
  • Sweet Creek Road, Florence: line improvements.
  • Rhododendron Drive to Heceta Beach Road to North Jetty Road, Florence: 600 ampere overhead rebuild.
  • Beverly Beach Subdivision, Newport: line rebuild.
  • NW 12th to NW 6th, Newport: “tying” one substation to another in the area for a backup loop.
  • Moolack Beach area, Newport: new distribution line, and a “loop feed” to our new Northern Operations Center (NOC).
  • South Bay Road, Toledo: line improvements.
  • Yasek Loop to Murray Loop, Toledo: line improvements.
  • Smith River Bridge, Reedsport: We’ll be replacing some rotting pilings in the water. (Those pilings are called “dolphins” in line worker’s slang.)

Nearly all of the projects on this list will improve reliability in some spots that are prone or vulnerable to outages.

So, when you see Central Lincoln crews out working, please don’t honk—smile; and stay back a safe distance if you pause to watch.  Like the rest of us, they’re working for you.

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