Our SmartHub Countdown Begins

In the simplest terms, our job as your electric utility is to keep the lights on and the heat flowing.  It takes a lot of behind-the-scenes work to make that happen.  You can see the poles and wires and substations, but what you don’t see are the computer systems and automation tools that allow us to manage our system with minimal disruption and perform all the back office tasks required to serve you.

A new utility-wide software system will help us serve you even better – connecting our Customer Service, Accounting, Information Technology, Engineering, Operations, and Human Resources departments.  Every one of our employees will be involved in launching the new system and the date is approaching quickly.

The new online account part of that system, SmartHub, will be more convenient and easier to use, and will replace MyAccount Online, QuickPay, and MyMeter.

SmartHub will also be available to customers as an app for both iPhone and Android smart phones and tablets.  And, customers who prefer to pay by phone will now be able to do that anytime, instead of only during Central Lincoln business hours.  Our bills are going up to be updated, too, and easier to read.SmartHub Logo

Interested?  Intrigued?  SmartHub will be up and running Monday, April 10th!

Change can be inconvenient, though, so here are some important things you need to know about SmartHub’s arrival April 10th.

New account numbers

Instead of having both a customer number and an account number, every Central Lincoln customer will get a new account number.  That new account number will be on the first bill you receive after April 10.

AutoPay customers will need to re-sign up

If you are one of many Central Lincoln customers using our super-convenient AutoPay system, you’ll need to sign up again for AutoPay sometime after April 10th, soon after you get that first new bill with your new account number.

If you call us to pay every month, you’ll have a new system at your fingertips

We continue to make the safety of customer information a top priority.  We are choosing to follow the most stringent Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS).  Starting April 10, we will introduce a new PCI-DSS compliant Pay By Phone system that will be available anytime – days,  nights and weekends – for your use.

eBill customers will need to sign up again

Customers who currently use our eBill system, and want to go paperless again after April will need to sign up for eBilling using SmartHub – after receiving their new account numbers in bills mailed during the month of April.

MyAccount Online

SmartHub is much like MyAccount Online, but SmartHub offers even more options.  Once you get your new account number in the Central Lincoln bill you receive in April, hop on our website, click on SmartHub, choose your login and password, and you’ll be able to pay your bill, view your billing history, sign up for AutoPay, and much more.


Customers who have been paying online using QuickPay will be able to pay online using SmartHub.

MyMeter:  Electricity use info will be available in SmartHub

Good news!  SmartHub will show you your detailed electricity use history very much like MyMeter does now, but without having a separate login and password as is the case now with MyAccount Online.

Level Pay will have a new name

Our current Level Pay customers will see their averaged payments on their new bills in April, and won’t need to sign up for this service a second time.  Level Pay will be called Budget Billing in our new SmartHub system.  If Budget Billing sounds like an attractive option, please call us in May or June to sign up.  Sign ups for this program are limited to the months at the end of spring/beginning of summer every year.  Please know that all new Budget Billing customers will also be required to sign up for AutoPay as well.

Do you pay your Central Lincoln bill using your bank or credit union’s online system?

After you receive your bill in April, it will be really important for you to enter your new Central Lincoln account number into your bank or credit union’s online payment system.  If your old account number is on your payment, your payment could be delayed for some time.

Paying by check:  No changes

If you prefer to pay your bill by mailing us a check or dropping it off at one of our offices not much will change!  Pair your check with the payment stub from the bottom of the new bill in the envelope provided, mail or drop it off, and you’ll be set.

As we said, the changes that will come with SmartHub may require an adjustment or two after April 10, but long-term, we’re confident you’ll find SmartHub to be a smart improvement.


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