It Isn’t Pretty – But It Could Save You Money

“When people consider weatherizing their homes—making them more energy-efficient—the first thing they think about is double-paned windows,” says our Energy Services Manager, Wade Carey.  “Certainly, replacing inefficient single-paned or metal-framed windows at home with ones that have a u-factor of .30 or lower can reduce the amount of electricity a customer uses—if that customer heats with electricity.  But the energy-efficiency project I recommend most for homes that leak heat or cooled air is insulation.  Insulation isn’t glamorous, but it typically has the shortest payback—1 to 3 years—of any efficiency measure.  It can really help lower customers’ electricity bills.”

man puts insulation in his loft

For pre-qualified insulation projects, Central Lincoln offers rebates of 30 to 60 cents per square foot for properly-installed insulation.  That may not sound like a lot, but for a 900-square-foot attic, the rebate could be as much as $540.

To see if your home qualifies for any of our energy efficiency programs, please call our energy experts at 1-888-883-9879.  If they believe your project will qualify, they may make an appointment to take a look at the proposed project.  (Any projects approved must be completed within six months of pre-approval.)  Once the project is complete, an expert will visit the home and do a final inspection.  After the required paperwork is received, a rebate check will be mailed.

Even renters may use our energy efficiency programs, if they plan to rent the same home for some years, and are willing to invest in a project.  They would then receive any available rebates to help cover their costs.  Over time, the energy savings realized could potentially pay for the rest.  (It’s important for renters to get approval from their landlords before starting a weatherization project.)

In addition to rebates offered for insulation and windows, we offer rebates for insulated doors if they meet certain criteria.  Older manufactured homes may also qualify for attic or floor insulation projects at 30 cents per square foot.  Central Lincoln offers $1,200 rebates to customers who buy and install a new manufactured home that is Energy Star qualified and has an electric heat pump, forced air, or central air conditioning.

Central Lincoln is a consumer-owned utility (COU), also known as “public power” in the utility industry.  We are partnering with other COUs to highlight common topics each month under a pilot project with the American Public Power Association.  This month’s topic is energy efficiency.


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