Call 8-1-1 Before You Dig Six Inches Deep Or More

Many Oregonians celebrate our newly-arrived sunny and warmer days by planting flowers or shrubs.  Believe it or not, some electric lines were simply buried in the ground years ago, not in conduit, just “direct buried” as our Operations folks call it.  While in nearly every case, those lines were buried deeply, do you know exactly what’s under your property—and how deep it is?  Not knowing but digging anyway could be very dangerous or expensive.

If you’re going to be digging six inches or deeper, please dial 8-1-1, anytime.  At no charge to you, a dispatcher will take info from you about your project, and will contact us—and the other utility providers in your neighborhood—electricity, water and sewer, cable or telephone, etc., to come and temporarily mark exactly where the lines are located on your property within 48 hours of your call. Once they’re done, you can take photos to save so you’ll know what’s down below and can dig safety around pipes and lines.

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