Transformers Should Never Be Allowed to Wear Camo

Camo Transformer

Please don’t plant flowers or trees near transformers.

Transformers are crucial to electric service.  If yours is on the ground, please don’t plant flowers or a tree near it.  “We have to have clearance ten feet in front of transformers, and three feet on each side,” says Central Lincoln Serviceman Leo Newman.  If a transfomer fails, “We might have to dig it up, maybe put in a new transformer, and we can’t work properly and safely on transformers with a hot stick if there’s anything in the way.”  (A hot stick is an 8′ insulated  tool used by our workers to work on energized equipment.)  “We don’t want to crush a favorite plant, or have to cut down a tree,’ says Leo.  “But restoring power comes first. Any shrubbery within that ‘three feet or ten feet’ rule may be trampled in the process.  We don’t want to do that, but sometimes, we don’t have a choice.”

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