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“It is so annoying!” grumbled a long-time customer.  “I pay my bills once a month.  That’s my system, and it works for me.  But your bill– the day that bill is due doesn’t fit my system.  So I pay my electricity bill late, and get assessed a late charge every month…and I hate it!”


We hate doing things that make our customers crabby, so we have great news for him, and for you– MyBillDate is available.

If there’s a certain day of the month you’d like your bill to be due, give us a call, and we’ll make it happen (with some caveats; we’ll get to those in a bit).

Central Lincoln bills are due the day they arrive in your email (for customers who have paperless billing with us) or when the bill arrives in your U.S. Mail box.  But you have a  few weeks to pay the bill before it is considered past due.

Customers like certainty, and MyBillDate will provide it.  Here’s how it works: “If a customer wishes to have his or her bill due the 25th day of each month, the bill date would be set so their monthly Central Lincoln bills would never be due before the 25th,” says Irene King, our Customer Service Supervisor.  “However, because of holidays, weekends, and short months, due dates could vary from seven to ten days after the 25th, but again, would not be before it.”

Migrating to MyBillDate takes a few steps.  To sign up, call one of our offices (Florence: 541-997-3414, Newport: 541-265-3211, Reedsport: 541-271-2181.) The customer service representative who helps you will look at your account, and the timing.  “It’s a bit complicated to set up that new date,” explains Irene.

“You may receive a low bill that only covers a week or two, and then another bill that might be due really quickly after that.  Or you might have a really large bill that covers five weeks of service.  The customer service representative who processes your date change will talk you through what to expect with your first few bills.”

“We want to make bill payment as easy as possible for our customers,” adds General Manager Debra Smith.  “MyBillDate is about convenience.  Once we get a customer signed up and their bills coordinated with the new date chosen, we think it will be really useful.”

Customers who have more than one Central Lincoln account can choose the same bill date for all of their accounts if that’s desired.

One final detail: “Just because a customer changes his or her bill date, that does not cancel their current bill, nor will it extend the due date of their current bill,” says Irene with a soft smile.  “That wouldn’t be fair to the rest of our customers.”

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