We Invite You to…Safety Town!

Safety is our top priority. Safety Town demonstrates ways to stay safe around electric lines.

Nearly all of us take electricity for granted, and it is very safe – except when people make mistakes or take risks they shouldn’t.  To help educate customers about staying safe around electrical lines and equipment, Central Lincoln offers “Safety Town” – an interactive electrified exhibit.

“Safety Town helps us educate folks about the hazards of electrical lines, aboveground and underground,” said Stuart Jarmain, Central Lincoln’s Safety Officer. “Dangerous accidents can happen with such everyday things as kites, aluminum antennae, aluminum ladders, metal irrigation pipe, vehicle accidents, and cranes. Safety Town offers vivid demonstrations of what can happen when people are careless.”

We’re offering Safety Town demonstrations for kids’ groups as well as for adults, including firefighters, police, and public safety volunteers. We ask that the audience be no smaller than 20, and reservations can be made by emailing Stuart at sjarmain@cencoast.com or by calling him at 541-271-8720.

“The kids especially love Safety Town, and we enjoy doing these demonstrations. They take about 45 minutes, with 15 of those minutes for questions.”

“We talk with everyone about downed power lines – there’s no way of knowing if a line on the ground is “hot,” de-energized, or just about to be energized,” Stuart said.

How fast is electricity? Very fast! Join us for a Safety Town demonstration, and we’ll tell you the exact speed.

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