Update on Energy-Efficiency Program Rebate Amounts

New windows. Insulation. Heat pumps. New appliances. For decades, Central Lincoln has been offering rebates for various projects to help our customers save electricity. And the programs have been very successful: Our customers have saved more than 92,965,518 kilowatt hours since 1982, thanks to our various energy-efficiency programs.

Of the millions paid to the Bonneville Power Administration for electricity, BPA returns a percentage back to utilities to be used for energy-efficiency rebates and incentives.

Periodically, due to code changes and market transformation, incentives may be reduced or cut. Some programs end and new ones are created.

How might this impact you? Seven of our residential rebates are going down or going away at the end of September for qualified projects.

For the foreseeable future, the rest of our great incentive programs will stay the same – from ductless heat pumps to heat pump water heaters, insulation and more. To see if a home project you are considering qualifies, call our experts at 888-883-9879, or go to clpud.org.

And if you were planning to buy a new Energy Star appliance, or a heat pump, or new windows – please check below – and call 888-883-9879 immediately to see if your project will qualify, and if you can still get the “old” rebate before the end of September. In the months to come, we’ll talk more about our latest rebate amounts.

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