Simple Ways to Save

Wanting to trim your electric bills this time of year? Here’s some ideas for cutting back on the kilowatt hours.

Save on Heating

-For every degree you lower your thermostat, you’ll save about 3% on your heating costs.

-Set your thermostat at 68°, or lower, to save, and use the lowest setting at which you feel comfortable.

-Once you’ve set your thermostat while at home, leave it alone – constantly adjusting it costs you money.

-Older thermostats are often inaccurate. Place a thermometer next to your thermostat to help you set it correctly.

-At bedtime, or when you’re away from home, set your thermostat to 55° or less. Also, turn the temperature down when you leave the house for longer than an hour.

-Replace standard thermostats with heat-anticipating or electronic thermostats. Their accuracy is much greater, and they’ll really help you save on your heating bill while increasing your comfort level.

-Install automatic setback thermostats. They’ll remember to turn the heat down at night, even if  you forget. And they’ll turn your heat back on in the morning so your home will  be nice and warm as you wake up.

-Move furniture at least one foot away from heat registers or baseboard heaters.

Analyze patterns in your electricity use by opening your free MyMeter page – go to and click “MyMeter” in the middle of your screen.

Want more energy-saving ideas? We’ve got plenty, from windows to water heating, lighting and more. Check out our website:


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