Power Goes Out? Here’s what to do and what happens next…

Thanks to the automated metering system we installed a few years ago, Central Lincoln typically knows right away when your power goes out– our system pings us.  But just in case, we’d still like you to call our 24/7 outage line– 1-866-484-3783– to let us know you’re without power. That toll-free number goes to a system so robust, thousands of our customers could call in at once and none of you would get a busy signal.   It is a computerized system, but the notifications from those calls go to our “real human being” dispatchers here in Central Lincoln territory.

The dispatcher will then send out a serviceman or crew to find out the cause of the problem, and hopefully make repairs quickly.  In the meantime, if more than 20 customers are affected, the dispatcher will let our public information officer know the details, and updates will be put on www.twitter.com/CLPUD

“We do our best to make our system resilient, but sometimes Mother Nature is pretty rough, or equipment fails,” says General Manager Debra Smith.  “We encourage you to keep several flashlights handy, and “shelter in place” supplies to fit your family situation.  Although it’s tempting to try to “help” us find the cause of an outage we prefer that you stay warm and dry in your home while we do the work.”

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