And the Survey Says….? Customer Survey Results Are In

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Every three years we ask a professional polling company to talk to a representative sample of our customers to find out what makes our customers happy with us, and in what areas we need to improve.  This year, 414 customers were surveyed across our service area from Lincoln Beach to North Bend.

96% gave Central Lincoln’s reliability– keeping the power flowing– a rating of 7 or higher on a 0-10 rating scale, with 10 being the highest  satisfaction rating.

76% of you heat your home or business with electricity.

70% know we offer rebates or incentives for qualified energy-saving projects, such as new windows, insulation, lighting upgrades, and heat pump water heaters.  But we’d like 100% of our customers to be aware of our energy efficiency programs, and this will be a priority in the coming year.  On a 1-10 scale of importance, with 10 being a top priority, customers’ average rating for our incentive program was 8.09.  One in three customers thought they might use one of these programs in the future, with window updates being the top choice, followed by heating upgrades, and water heaters.

Satisfaction in our energy-efficiency programs received an average 7.13 score, providing us with another opportunity to improve.

21% of those surveyed said they would consider paperless billing.  To sign up, go to, click on “MyAccount Online” follow the prompts, and then click on “Enroll in eBill.”

We asked what customers thought about Central Lincoln’s involvement in the communities we serve.  56% of you gave community involvement a 7 to a 10 rating, with just 51% rating your satisfaction in our involvement in community events and activities a 7 to a 10.  It appears this is an area in which we have the opportunity to do better.

72% rated their satisfaction with our communication an 8 or higher.  89% think the info they receive from us is ‘somewhat to very’ useful, and more than 80% say they read “Coastlines” regularly to occasionally. (Thank you, readers!)

We’ve had six customer surveys completed since 1999, and this year we received the highest customer satisfaction rating since we started polling: 82% of you said you were very satisfied with us, with 14% saying they were somewhat satisfied.

“It was humbling to get the high ratings we did,” says General Manager Debra Smith.  “But we definitely see areas where we can improve.  We will keep pushing for excellence from all of our departments, always keeping in mind Central Lincoln exists for just one reason: to serve our customers.  When you’re happy with our performance, we’re happy, too.”

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