Flickering Lights?

Heather, an artist in Toledo, noticed she was having some power problems recently. “Things were odd. The toaster wouldn’t toast. My dryer wouldn’t work.” Then a knock on her door: Our dispatcher had traced a warning signal to Heather’s house, and sent workers to check it out. “I felt terrible for them,” she said. “It was so cold and so dark out there. They found the issue, and then apologized profusely; they had to shut off my power for the night until they could bring in machinery during daylight to fix an underground line to my home that was completely degraded and failing. I didn’t mind–I knew that I could have had a fire in my house if the problem wasn’t repaired.”

Heather was lucky. Our system doesn’t detect every power quality problem in our District. “It could be a bad breaker, a failing panel, a bad meter base, wiring problems, overloaded circuits,” said Distribution Engineering and Operations Manager Randy Grove. “If you notice unusual signs, like your lights dimming and then really bright several times, please turn off the main breaker in your home, and call us immediately. Not necessarily during a storm–occasional power hiccups can happen during storm conditions–but issues that go on for more than a few minutes. We’ll check the problem out for free. It might be on our side of the meter, or it might be the customer’s responsibility to have repairs made, but either way, it’s very important to have the problem checked out.”

During business hours, please call your nearest Central Lincoln office (the numbers are on the back of your bill), nights and weekends please call 1-866-484-3783.

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